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Rell Sunn * Rabbit Kekai * Donald Takayama * Wingnut * Skip Frye * Pat Curren * Laird Hamilton * Gerry Lopez * Greg Noll

from luxurious ocean front villas to private islands...these surf legends have seen it all

Margo Schwab with Endless Summer surf legend WINGNUT, artist Pato and Reef Brazil's former owner, Fernando Aguerre.
Surfer and board shaping legend SKIP FRYE.
At the ASR Show, pro volleyball player GABRIELLE REESE and big wave surfer LAIRD HAMILTON. LAIRD surfs 50 plus face waves via jet ski tow in on the North Shore of Maui at Jaws & In Tahiti. Check out his film Laird which premiered in San Diego at a showing that benefitted the Sundt Memorial Foundation (founded by John Sundt visit www.sundtmemorial.org) The Foundation's goals include keeping kids on the right path, healthy and off drugs. See Laird charge waves drug free, and with inspiration.

Famed surfer MARK FOO and his sweetheart at the Christian Lassen Gallery about a year before Mark passed on in huge surf at Maverick's.



Surf legend, Mr. Pipeline GERRY LOPEZ with a friend at ASR '98
Designer NICOLE MILLER, who says she likes to surf!!
Legendary surfers BUTTONS and RABBIT KEKAI hanging out at a DONALD TAKAYAMA luau **

A rare moment with incredible Surf legends RELL SUNN and PAT CURREN. RELL was known as the Queen of Makaha, a true kind spirit who supported the Rebecca and John Moores UCSD Cancer Center Foundation. RELL eventually died of breast cancer after a long battle.

Surf legends & surfboard makers DONALD TAKAYAMA and GREG NOLL.
Surf legend and artist MIKE DOYLE doing double duty on cigars.
Top longboard surfer & surfboard maker JOEL TUDOR.
Super surfer ROB MACHADO of North County San Diego

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