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Tiger Woods * Tony Gwinn * Bill Walton * Rollie Fingers * Charlie Joiner * Ted Williams * Ricky Williams

from the Buick Invitational, to Tiffany's Jewelers, to San Diego's Hall of Champions

TIGER WOODS, the best energy boost that happened to the game of golf!
LORI WALTON and hubby, super hoop star BILL WALTON at Tiffany's for a reception.
Baseball great RANDY JONES and his wife.

Former Padre great TONY GWYNN.



Super Charger football great CHARLIE JOINER.
Unique moustache and unique baseball player, ROLLIE FINGERS
Hall of Famer DAVE WINFIELD, of baseball.

Legendary TED WILLIAMS of baseball fame.

Baseball's DAVID WELLS, former local San Diego boy with sports promoter Jenny Winburn at Planet Hollywood.
Football's Ricky Williams.
TIGER Woods!!

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