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Roxy's Veronica Kay Baker. At the time of this photo, Veronica was filming a surfer reality show called The Boardhouse, on the North Shore of Hawaii with Sunny Garcia and other pro surfers... photos courtesy of Veronica
Roxy's Veronica Kay, the star of the WB's surfer / reality show called The BoardHouse
Mrs. Scott Baker.... Veronica Kay Baker of Roxy!

Steve Villanueva with music great Carlos Santana and producer K.C. Porter



Super model Christie Brinkley with Steve Villanueva at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club.
Victoria Villanueva in the Center with Christie Brinkley and friend. Victoria is a television producer in New York City.

Steve Villanueva at the Grammy's

Steve Villanueva with Ricky Martin's Vuelve record breaking records. Steve was an Associate Producer of this Ricky Martin record.
Above and Below, Steve with his sister Victoria Villanueva.
Steve Villanueva with Argentina's music great Evanitas Verdes and associate in Hollywood.

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