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Baywatch moments starring Parker Stevenson, Donna D'Erico, David Chokachi, Angelica, Pamela Anderson

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David Hasselhoff!



Tracey Bingham basking in glory!

PAMELA ANDERSON at Sea World filming for an episode.

...caged up for a BAYWATCH seal scene at Sea World...

I've dealt with Pamela a few times in work


she was always nice


Have run into Pamela up in L.A. a few times .... she is now starring in Stacked, after her hit show VIP

PAMELA ANDERSON for a scene with a seal.
Sea World was a great filming spot for Baywatch!

CELEBRITY PHOTOS Page 4. .1..2. 4. 5..6..7. 8. 9. 10. 11.12.13 14 16 17

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