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Alec Baldwin * Melanie Griffith * Sir Ian McClellan * Tim Curry * Evander Holyfield * Cher * Gracielle Beauvais * Zandra Rhodes

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ALEC BALDWIN who starred Hunt for Red October, Beetlejuice and so many movies. Alec is pictured here at the Animal Ball for animal rights.
MELANIE GRIFFITH, actress and wife of actor ANTONIO BANDERAS. Melanie is the daughter of Tippi Hedren, owner of Shambala, saving animals, and supporter of the Genesis Awards.
SIR IAN MCKLELLAN at the San Diego AMC 12 screening of Richard III.

Golfer PHIL MICKELSON and his wife AMY Mickelson.



TIM CURRY star of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, numerous plays and other movies. Tim is pictured here with international designer ZANDRA RHODES.
Perfect in pink designer ZANDRA RHODES surrounded by two of her favorite San Diego muses, CHARMAINE KAPLAN and KAREN COHN.

Comedian SANDRA BERNHARDT with Leonard Simpson.

She only needs one name, CHER.
Boxer EVANDER HOLYFIELD all smiles even with evidence of Mike Tyson's bite on his ear!!
MELANIE GRIFFITH'S Mother, actress TIPPI HEDREN (star of ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S The Birds), soap opera heart throb and Aussie TRISTAN ROGERS, MASH's 'HOT LIPS" LORETTA SWITT, all at TIPPI'S Shambala Ranch in California. TIPPI rescues animals of all types from abuse including large cats, elephants and interesting snakes. Her pet pot bellied pig WINSTON chased me around her house. Aiyeee!!

Here's a scary pair, LINDA BLAIR of The Exorcist and ELVIRA! Just joking. The duo are very supportive of animal rights, PETA, and the Genesis Awards.

CELEBRITY PHOTOS Page 8. .1..2. 4. 5..6..7. 8. 9. 10. 11.12.13 14 16 17

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