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Traveling with Children

* keep children within your sight and away from a possible snatch area ie. by the roadside

* children should be watched at all times by someone mature and trusted

* if necessary, bring a trusted babysitter on your trip

* teach your children their full name, their home address, your cell number, how to dial 911

* teach your children to not talk nor go toward strangers..... practice with them

* teach your children not to wander off

* give your children an id bracelet

* tell your child to SCREAM Fire, Help, Call 911 if someone tries or does take them

* tell your child for defense to scratch and punch at the bad person's eyes ** VERY IMPORTANT *

* check with your local police for additional tips

* if traveling to a foreign country, find out from your country's consolate what if anything to be aware of


SAFETY TIPS for Travel

Since the cowardly acts of September 11, 2001, safety at home and for travel is something to be mindful of.

Before you go .......

** Do not tell any stranger your nationality or religious beliefs....it is not their business.

**Only tell trusted friends and family that you will be out of town.

** Have someone collect your mail, take necessary phone calls, arrange email from afar or have someone trusted answer it for you.

**Know where you are going..... get maps, clear directions beforehand. Utilize Mapquest or the like on the web for directions.

** Make sure you know local driving and cultural laws beforehand.

** Check your security alarm batteries

** Have a very trusted person recieve any alarm calls with the code word.

** Have someone Chcck on your home and remove any advertising materials placed on your doorknob etc.

** Have someone wash and move your car around if you do not have a garage for your car.

** You should have a will organized, signed and witnessed just in case .... otherwise state laws prevail

At the Airport ..........

** Arrive early

** Be Polite

** Do not carry anything that is against flying rules .... period

** Carry good reading material in case there is a long wait

** If you have kids, bring a few games and a few non-perishable snacks and water in case there is a delay

**Address luggage tags to a close friend or family member in your town so that if someone views it they wouldn't know your home is possibly a good hit for a robbery.

** If you see any suspicious behavior at the airport or on the plane, discreetly tell authorities


Getting to the Hotel and at the Hotel

** Have the hotel arrange to pick you up with a pre-arranged code word.... for certain foreign traveling this can be a very good idea

** Do not let strangers know your life, if you are alone or your schedule.

** But especially do not let them know your room number.....ever.

** to be continued .........


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