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San Jose Del Cabo

A quick hour 42 minutes from San Diego and you are in San Jose Del Cabo at the tip of Baja California. You can go party hard in busy Cabo San Lucas 40 minutes away or you can choose my favorite, San Jose Del Cabo just 10 minutes away to the coast.

San Jose Del Cabo isn't the sleepy fishing village it used to be but it is still worth your while for many reasons.

7 Great Reasons to visit San Jose Del Cabo

** to get away and relax ... a good thing to do..... if you can't get in the manana spirit here .....

** to fish .... some of the best fishing in the world, sailfish, dorado ... a record 90 pounder was caught recently, blue and black marlin... San Jose Del Cabo has some big fishing tournaments as well including the Bisbee

** golf .... beautiful golf couses .... the exceptional one is at the Palmilla Resort.... designed by Jack Nicklaus

** surfing good May to September ... but very warm water..... it's not year round in san jose.... but it's really good expecially if you catch a swell.. Hurricance Juliette affected the surf at Zippers but all the other breaks are in tact. Go to Costa Azul surf shop for maps, wax and other goodies.

** expert surfing is good in the winter time 2 hours away at Todos Santos ...... but if you are not expert ..... just go watch

** nature ...... there are hiking eco tours to hook up with to view quite a variety of birds as well as tour to view the tortuga / tortoise hatchery located in San Jose Del Cabo by the estuary.

** food ... great food and inexpensive or barrato if you find the right places .... margomargo scoped out la herrardor by the telemex radio tower in town. Edouardo the proprietor used to be the excutive chef at the fancy Finesterra Hotel in Cabo San Lucas before he decided to branch out on his own. The food is gourmet including tender carne asado tacos with a full variety of fresh salsas, and fresh fish or lightly cheese stuffed big shrimp accompanied by papaya and mint salsa. Three carne asado tacos with tortillas made freshly in view are $4 and fish or meat dishes never exceed $19, beers are $1.25 -$2. Wow!!!

You can't get better than the Palmilla in Cabo.... just great... If you would like to stay privately.... contact Mike Doyle in Cabo off of the photo links. Other places to stay are the Hotel Surf Cabo. Kick back but noisy from the road, cute and cozy.

Definitely do not take any valuables to Cabo except your smile!

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