Bertrand at Mr. A's

The After Party hosted by Denise and Bertrand Hug


There was champagne, limoncello's and some wicked vintage wine being poured. It was all to celebrate Best Dressed 2009 Denise Hug. And what better way to do it than a late night supper at Bertrand At Mr. A's with its skytop views in downtown San Diego.... One of two restaurants Bertrand and Denise Hug own. The other being Mille Fleurs Restaurant in Rancho Sante Fe.

So champagne corks popped, the dinner came, and the conviviality went up quite a few notches.

Somehow two tables became the girls' table and the guys' table. And later it dissolved to guys and girls.

A fun moment came when Best Dressed 2009 Vince Bartolotta came in from another room, top hat, cane and all.

Bertrand at Mr. A's served up a superlative dinner that included lamb, salmon and a lot of je ne sais quoi!

Midnight came and went... and guests still lingered it was that much fun.

By the way, Bertrand Hug was Best Dressed 2008, and guests Valerie and Harry Cooper were both Best Dressed for 2008.


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Host Bertrand Hug ** Best Dressed and Hostess Denise Hug

Nancy Santoro with Denise Hug and Susie Robinson

Judy Ferrero with Roshanak and Ann Winter

'Prince Harry' Cooper holding court

Lou Ferrero, Sami Ladeki, Bertrand Hug et al.

Bertrand Hug and Harry Cooper

Nancy Santoro and Susie Robinson ** Valerie Cooper with Denise Hug

Barbara Mitzer and Guest

Nancy Santoro and Denise Hug, Denise reacting to a compliment!

Roshanak, Sharon Ladeki, Denise Hug, Susie Robinson

Sharon Ladeki with Valerie Cooper

Denise Hug and Nancy Santoro

Denise Hug and Nancy Santoro

The Girls

Judy Ferrero

The Salmon with Caviar and Vegetables

The Lamb

And then the 'Show Man,' Vince Bartolotta arrived!

Valerie Cooper with Sharon Ladeki

Denise Hug with one of her many fans!

The Boys!

Bertrand Hug, Harry Cooper, and Lou Ferrero with The Social Diary

Valerie Cooper with Sharon and Sami Ladeki and Denise Hug

Harry and Valerie Cooper snuggling

Sharon and Sami Ladeki with Denise Hug

Harry Cooper 'regarde son amour' Valerie Cooper

Harry and Valerie Cooper

Sharon and Sami Ladeki

Denise 'The Sun is Down' Hug and Valerie Cooper

reported by Margo Schwab in 'Panther' Jordan pictured here with Best Dressed 2009 Denise Hug in strapless dress and Martin Katz Jewelry


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Congratulations to newlyweds Wendy and Dave Machala. They were married November 15th, at the Mt. Soledad Cross. The reception at The Marine Room continued the celebration.

pictures - Wendy and Dave Machala at the 2007 Jewel Ball, and Wendy's proud parents, Bill and Tricia Kellogg.

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Former KNSD 7/39 anchor Kim Devore pictured here with Leeza Gibbons at a Genesis Awards show years back in L.A. hosted by the Humane Society of the United States.

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