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San Diego Crime Stoppers Luncheon 2006 - Enough is Enough!

June 9th, 2006
The Social Diary Columnist & Photographer Margo Schwab

San Diego Crime Stoppers was formed in 1984 to proactively and synergistically solve crime in San Diego via the combined efforts of community volunteers and law enforcement.

And Crime Stoppers has done just that. Over 22 years, 3,500 cases have been solved through tips to the San Diego Crime Stoppers. This includes 88 homicides solved, 2,000 suspects arrested, and $16 million in stolen property and wholesale narcotics seized.

To celebrate those individuals who have surpassed standards to solve crime, the following individuals were recognized at May 25th for the Crime Stoppers' "Enough is Enough" luncheon:

(editor's note - these are excerpts from luncheon program)

Corporal Greg White is recognized for his successful efforts at implementing innovative community policing projects, his "can-do" attitude, and his dedication to the citizens of Carlsbad.

Corporal White's accomplishments include:
" implementing and managing the Chronic Habitual Alcoholic Program which has had a positive impact on the transient population in the downtown area
" leading the department's first Safe Streets Now program which won a civil judgment and criminal penalty against a neighborhood nuisance
" member of the Tactical Response Team
" leading the Lagoon Patrol program
" drug recognition expert

Through his dedicated work as a Chula Vista Police School Resource Officer, Officer Joseph Picone built rapport and trust with students, teachers, and parents. As a result of this trust, two elementary school students informed Officer Picone of a man who was sexually assaulting children in the area. The suspect, who is believed to have assaulted at least 5 children, was arrested and is now awaiting trial on suspicion of lewd and lascivious acts on children.

Officer Brian MacPherson is being honored for his consistent service to the Coronado Police Department and for an extraordinary rescue that saved the life of a child. On routine patrol duties, Officer MacPherson is uniquely skilled at detecting drunk driving-his arrests made up 18% of the total DUI arrest for the department. In January of 2006, Officer MacPherson and another officer rescued a child at the beach who was buried under a sand berm. The officers provided basic life support to the child-saving the boy's life.

For the past 11 years, Officer Dan Thompson has served the El Cajon Police Department as a patrol officer, SWAT team member, and canine handler. He is a leader in the department-designing and leading training activities for the canine and SWAT teams.

His achievements include:
" 65 felony arrests
" 74 moving citations
" 209 field interviews

For the majority of her career, FBI Special Agent Kris Robinson has worked violent crimes. She has been involved in numerous investigations including child abductions, sexual exploitation of children murders, extortions, and sexual assaults. Special Agent Robinson is the co-case agent on a complex undercover operation into the North America Man-Boy Love Association in which group members are being prosecuted for their intentions to travel internationally for sex with young boys.

Her contributions to the FBI San Diego Division include:
" Crimes Against Children Coordinator
" Primary Coordinator for National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime
" Coordinator and Team Leader for the Division's Hostage/Crisis Negotiation
" Teaches the Basic Crisis Negotiation
" Member of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task force
" Certified Police Instructor

La Mesa Police Sergeant Chad Bell is recognized for his work in developing and running a successful, long-term undercover investigation, known as "Operation Deep Impact." Sergeant Bell proposed the operation as a joint partnership between the Regional Auto Theft Task Force, the La Mesa Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the State Department of Insurance. The agencies worked together to set up a front for buying stolen cars, property, firearms, and drugs. Sergeant Bell directed a large group of officers in the day-to-day operations in this long-term investigation. Through Operation Deep Impact, 42 stolen vehicles and 17 stolen firearms were recovered and a total of 50 suspects were apprehended.

In May 2004, Senior Officer David Bavencoff returned to duty with the National City Police Department after serving his country in Iraq. In the course of two years, Sr. Officer Bavencoff has made extraordinary contributions to his department including several challenging cases:

" Detective Bavencoff was the lead detective in a county-wide robbery series spanning San Diego, Chula Vista, and National City. All suspects eventually pled guilty to nine robberies, received lengthy prison sentences, and each were "struck out"-given two felony strikes each.

" Detective Bavencoff investigated a complex a gang related homicide. Over the course of several months, three suspects were charged with murder.

" The most notable case was a hostage situation. After spending six hours on the motel rooftop, Detective Bavencoff implemented the tactical rescue plan, successfully rescuing the hostage. Once the hostage was rescued, Detective Bavencoff assisted SWAT officers with physically taking the suspect in custody.

Oceanside Police Department Detective Richard Anderson is a twenty-five year veteran of the Oceanside Police Department. In 2004, he initiated "Operation Shakedown" a multi-agency narcotics investigation in which several gang leaders were electronically monitored over three months. The operation concluded with the arrests of 21 documented gang members and the seizure of three vehicles, $15,000, and 1.5 pounds of cocaine. In addition, two suspects were arrested on the way to a drive-by shooting at a rival gang member's house. This case has stopped the violence between two gangs and severely hampered another gangs' ability to continue their criminal activity.

San Diego City Schools Police Department Officer Dan Palkovic,
respectfully referred to by students as "Officer Dan," has a "can do" attitude and tireless work ethic that enabled him to establish rapport with the students and staff at Scripps Ranch High School. He has fully implemented the Campus Crime Stoppers program at his school. Officer Palkovic's devotion to student safety resulted in him receiving more tips and making more arrests from those tips than any other officer in the department over the past two years. In the last eighteen months, Officer Palkovic's efforts have generated 37 tips to the Crime Stoppers hotline resulting in 13 arrests and the recovery of stolen property and narcotics. Officer Palkovic encourages students to take an active role in making their school safe for themselves and others.

San Diego Police Department Detective Deborah Burger
of the San Diego Police Department's Sex Crimes Unit, has demonstrated extreme dedication and outstanding service to the citizens of San Diego. In one recent case, Detective Burger conducted a lengthy investigation of a Marine Corps member who pursued and raped a juvenile victim he met on the Internet. As a result of Detective Burger's determined investigation, the suspect was sentenced to prison. In another case, Detective Burger worked to arrest a suspect who had been terrorizing the transvestite community. In assignments that require a delicate balance of compassion and investigative intelligence, Detective Burger has successfully solved crimes affecting vulnerable populations.

San Diego County Sheriff's Department
Detective Steve Reed has led the Marijuana Eradication Program for the County of San Diego for several years. His individual efforts in this area are unmatched in the state and the nation. Over the last 5 years, Detective Reed has been directly responsible for the seizure of nearly 1.5 million marijuana plants from over 1,600 grow sites resulting in the arrest of 442 suspects, the seizure of 454 weapons, and assets in excess of $11 million.

San Diego Harbor Police Department: Senior Police Officer Laura Tosatto
, a 15-year veteran of the San Diego Harbor Police Department, is the Department's Bay Control Officer, responsible for monitoring and taking enforcement action in the various anchorages within San Diego Bay. SPO Tosatto initiated a stepped-up enforcement process to enact compliance for vessels under Port anchoring ordinances. This resulted in a significant increase in citations, arrests, and the storage of over 100 vessels. Many of these vessels were platforms for criminal activity.

SPO Tosatto worked in conjunction with the Customs Marine Task Force to disband a drug distribution ring operating in the anchorage. She also worked closely with the District Attorney's Office to bring several attempted murder suspects from the anchorage to justice.

Stuart Segall of Stu Segall Productions received a special award. He was recognized for providing his studio lot for antiterrorist training.

Many were there in support of Crime Stoppers included James Johnson, Crime Stopper Board of Directors President Larry Gore, Brian Bilbray, Chief William Lansdowne, Assistant Chief of Police Lou Scanlon, Sheriff Bill Kolender, San Diego Harbor Police Chief Kirk Sanfilippo, Marc Bailey, John Dadian, Adriana Uribe and Board Member and major sponsor, Sally Thornton (of The John M. and Sally B. Thornton Foundation) and her guests.

Sally's many guests included Tommi Adelizzi, Betty Beyster, Margo Byers, Micki Farrell, Debbie Freidlander, Doreen Schonbrun, Dottie Stanley, Kathleen Stoughton, Luawanna Hallstrom, Sook Hansen, Jeanne Jones (Jeanne is fresh back from a trip to Peru), Katherine Kennedy, Jeanette Maxwell, Margo Schwab, Phyllis Parrish and Mary Walker.

Attorney General Bill Lockyer was the featured speaker. Lockyer spoke of Crime Stoppers' positive effects on communities.

Generous sponsors included: Heritage Security Services, Deputy Sheriff's Association, SDPOA, Sempra Energy, Jack in the Box, the Unified Port of San Diego, Viejas, North Island Credit Union, Hotel Del Coronado, Union Bank of California, San Diego County Credit Union and The John M. and Sally B. Thornton Foundation.

John Dadian kept the luncheon and awards program to within 2 minutes of schedule. After all, there are crimes to solve.

To learn more about how you can get involved, please click San Diego Crime Stoppers.

(pictured here - Purple Heart Awarded Scott Johnston with Assistant Chief of Police Lou Scanlon)

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