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FroFrom La Valencia Hotel, La Jolla, to Malibu star sighting, to New York City at The Plaza and Carlyle



Pamela Anderson * Clint Eastwood * Kim Basinger * Jenny McCarthy * Jewel * Rudi Guiliani * Shari Belafonte

The Ritz Hotel in London, The Plaza in New York City, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive to Malibu

MARGO SCHWAB dressed down for work (the best way to get along with a star) with the one and only PAMELA ANDERSON on set in San Diego. We got along just fine. & This VIP is now Stacked on TV
CLINT EASTWOOD hanging out at Sante's Restaurant in La Jolla with Tony Buonasante
Formerly singled out, JENNY MCCARTHY doing her thing Singled Out style!! Inside scoop, JENNY refused to be on set at the same time as PAMELA ANDERSON.

..... And at the time, they had the same manager. The manager was engaged at the time briefly to JENNY McCARTHY. Quite tricky for filming.



KIM BASINGER and MARGO SCHWAB, now you can see why I was asked to be her double!! This photo is from the Animal Ball in Los Angeles!
KIM BASINGER and MARGO SCHWAB. KIM BASINGER is currently back in L.A. with her daughter.
Actor RICHARD ANDERSON after being interviewed by MARGO SCHWAB at the La Valencia Hotel for an interview.


Actress SHARI BELAFONTE, daughter, of legendary HARRY BELAFONTE.
Legendary cabaret singer and piano player BOBBY SHORT. Bobby lived in New York City and the South of France, lucky man! He is pictured here at the Hotel Del Coronado for the Charity Ball!
New York's former Mayor Rudi Guiliani, with his former wife seated next to him. This was at the Nicole Miller fashion show.... I was seated next to the Guiliani's!
PETER FAULK aka Columbo with his wife and ever present assistant supporting a PETA event in L.A.

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