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Bal de La Mer et Plus à Monaco, L'Année 2006

photo credit - Jeremiah Sullivan

August 1st, 2006
The Social Diary Columnist & Photographer Margo Schwab

(editor's note - the following photos have been supplied as a courtesy from various sources. The photos are all copyrighted to their respective owners. The Social Diary would like to extend a special thank you to Captain Ed Sullivan, Dianne York-Goldman and Kathryn Murphy for their wonderful input and photos.)

A select group of La Jollans jetted off to Monaco this last June. The setting was anything but common though. With a back drop of historic and ritzy Monte Carlo and its casinos, ballrooms, spas, and yes the famous Alain Ducasse restaurant Louis XV, oooh la la, life was luxe and more.

While some preferred to speak French, others spoke English, but all spoke of their uncommonly common interests, the ocean, science and culture. As such, this was not a frivolous trip but one with a purpose as noted by Captain Ed Sullivan (Retired), Chairman of the La Jolla-Monaco Science & Cultural Exchange Committee, of the La Jolla Town Council.

"As a representative of the La Jolla-Monaco Science & Cultural Exchange Committee, I believe that former President John F. Kennedy may have best summed it up with words best for all of us as we work to network to preserve our ocean....... JFK summarized our relationship with the sea when he said, 'All of us have the same percentage of salt, in our blood, in our sweat, and in our tears, and when we go back to the sea, to swim and sail upon it, we go back whence we came! ....Dedicated to clean water, salt or fresh!'"

And so a representative committee from La Jolla went to the jet close shores of Monaco with this goal, "the exchange of oceanic knowledge and promotion of the arts."

La Jollans there included Dianne York-Goldman and Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman, Jan and Jim Fitzpatrick, Maureen Sullivan, Captain Ed Sullivan of course, Phyliss Codlin, Kathryn Murphy, Lee Clark and Dr. Jerry Pikolysky, Max Gurney, Suzy Creel, Nora Kreel, and Anne Cleveland.

You might recall Anne as the swimmer who has swum the English Channel not just one way, but both. This trip Anne did a lengthy swim round about Monaco. But we'll get back to that.

The ocean is one of the prime interests of His Serene Highness (HSH), Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco. Prince Albert, as he is less formally known to close friends (like Christian Robbs of Greece and formerly La Jolla and Scottsdale) has always had a keen interest in marine biology. Seems to be a tradition. Prince Albert II's namesake, HSH Prince Albert I., founded the world renowned "Oceanographic Institute" in Monaco back in the late-1800's. The Institute included an aquarium, a museum, and a library plus research facilities in Paris.

And so it is that HSH Prince Albert II has carried on the tradition in his country. With events like this year's 18th 'Bal De La Mer' at Hotel De Paris, significant funds are raised for marine science. This year's beneficiaries are the CIESM and The International Seakeeper’s Society.

Captain Ed Sullivan explains "CIESM (International Commission For The Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean) was founded in 1910 and is one of the oldest scientific intergovernmental organizations in the world. It is currently funded by 23 member states that support the work of some 500 institutes and more than 2,500 researchers committed to promoting marine science for the lasting protection of the Mediterranean Sea and the well-being of its coastal populations. Presiding over this influential organization is H.S.H. Prince Albert II, Patron of the Bal de la Mer.

CIESM’s mission is to set and coordinate research priorities on marine issues affecting the Mediterranean region. These include the rapid warming of the sea due to the influx of subtropical water and exotic species through the Suez Canal, and understanding the extent, impact and threat of pollution in the Mediterranean. Other issues include establishing marine mammal protection zones and regional fisheries regulations and practices.

The International SeaKeeper’s Society was founded at the Monaco Rendezvous in 1998. The International SeaKeeper’s Society has become an important source of global seawater data and marine meteorological information. The Society’s membership includes yachtsmen who have their vessels and other platforms equipped with compact, sophisticated marine monitors developed and patented by the Society, and state-of-the-art weather stations. This data helps improve marine weather forecasting around the world, providing vital insight into oceanic pollution, global warming and climate change. Each year, the Society honors one outstanding individual for his or her contribution to save our seas.

This year the 2006 SeaKeeper Award Honoree was Walter Cronkite. Walter Cronkite is one of the most revered, respected and honored broadcasters in the history of television. During his extraordinary 65-year career in journalism, Mr. Cronkite covered most of the seminal events of the modern age and earned an unprecedented respect from viewers around the world for the intelligence, sensitivity and authority he brought to each subject and story. Often cited as among the world’s most influential and trusted people, Mr. Cronkite used his position and reputation to educate and inform his worldwide audience about environmental threats. Besides his regular reporting on the CBS Evening News, Mr. Cronkite produced numerous award-winning documentaries, series, and special reports on the state of the world’s health. These include “Can The World Be Saved,” and Emmy Award winning series:

“Walter Cronkite’s Universe,” and more than 100 hours of documentary coverage for the Discovery Channel, PBS and other outlets."

Walter Cronkite is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including America’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, presented to him in 1981 by Jimmy Carter. A lifelong sailor, Mr. Cronkite’s many passages and experiences at sea aboard

His 48-foot yacht, Wyntje has been the subject of four nautical books. He recently took delivery of a new 64-foot yacht, also named Wyntje, which he frequently sails in his home waters of the Northeast U.S. and the Caribbean. He lives in New York City and invited all the guests to his home and out for a sail."

Dianne York-Goldman and Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman were honored to personally meet Walter Cronkite at the Bal de La Mer.

Regarding the rest of the events in Monaco, Dianne had this to say. "As a member of the La Jolla/Monaco Science and Cultural Exchange Committee, I had the opportunity to be the spokesperson for La Jolla at our sister city, Monte Carlo, Monaco. Coincidently, the 2006 Monaco Rendezvous celebrating its 17th year was also taking place in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The ShowBoats International Monaco Rendezvous 2006 is an extraordinary invitation-only gathering graced by the world’s largest and finest yachts for four event-filled days and nights in Monaco."

The visit first kicked off though with a press conference and reception held at Musée Oceanographique de Monaco. A welcome was extended by Dianne York-Goldman, of the La Jolla Town Council.

Dianne adds "Kathryn Murphy and Anne Cleveland, VP of La Jolla Town Council and world long distance swimmer arrived after swimming from Cap Martin to the Musée to kick-off the committee’s arrival in Monaco with a “splash.” Max Gurney, Honorary Chairman, Consul of Monaco, Captain Ed Sullivan, Chairman, and La Jolla artist Nora Creel presented a portrait of Miss Ellen Browning Scripps as a “goodwill gift” to the Musée Oceanographique de Monaco on behalf of the Town of La Jolla."

Fun for the Goldman's also included The 16th Annual ShowBoats International Awards and a dinner at Le Sporting Club De Monaco, with a costumed finale at The Monaco Rendezvous 2006 Costume Dinner Dance at the Fairmont, Monte Carlo Terrace.

The committee is developing an itinerary including an ocean conference and cultural exchange. Fashion will be the focus as art this year highlighting Monaco's Isabell Kristensen fashion designs with models provided by Dianne York-Goldman, CEO of La Jolla Spa MD. The Committee's itinerary and events scheduled from September 6th to September 10th, 2006 will be highlighted at a promotion event in La Jolla village. Showcased will be the film from the La Jolla Town Council press conference at the Musée Oceanogrpahique de Monaco.

The Social Diary will keep you up to date regarding future La Jolla and Monaco Arts exchanges and events.

pictured here - Co-chairs of the La Jolla-Monaco committee's upcoming Fashion Show in La Jolla (left to right: Isabell Kristensen, Monaco Fashion designer with Dianne York-Goldman, CEO of La Jolla Spa MD, and La Jolla-Monaco Exchange Committee Spokesperson, posing in front of the Palace in Monaco's Old City.

HSH Prince Albert I (in the center) receiving the La Jolla-Monaco Committee Honorary Chairman, Max Gurney (on the right), (Ret.) Hon. Consul of Monaco, retired in La Jolla after 37 years service in Monaco, and Captain Ed Sullivan (on the left), Chairman of the La Jolla Town Council Committee received in the Princess Grace Garden at the Palace.

HSH Prince Albert II expressed appreciation for the committee raising awareness of his great great grandfather's oceanic legacy in being the world's 1st benefactor along with Miss Ellen Browning Scripps to form the world's 1st two oceanographic institutions.

pictured here - Dianne York Goldman and Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman visiting with Bal de La Mer Honoree, Walter Cronkite.

pictured here - Kathryn Murphy and Anne Cleveland, (qui sont tellement contente au cafe avec leurs jolie sourires), the ladies are very happily relaxing at a Monaco cafe with beautiful smiles.

pictured here - Part of the extensive yacht harbor in Monaco. The yachts tend to the mega-yacht size, over 80 feet. These are not rentals, but privately owned floating villas, fully staffed, completely luxe.

pictured here - A reception set for La Jolla and Monaco friends.

pictured here - Equestrian events are quite popular in Monaco.

pictured here - Anne Cleveland swimming at a good pace.

pictured here - Kathryn Murphy, Anne Cleveland and friend.

pictured here - La Jolla-Monaco Exchange Committee Spokesperson Dianne York-Goldman, of the La Jolla Town Council, visiting exchange Professor and "honored guest" of this year's "30th Annual Monte Carlo Night" at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego at La Jolla, La Jolla is Monaco's Professor Jean Jaubert, Director of the Musée Oceanographique de Monaco.

Visiting again with Professor Jaubert after Prince Albert II's coronation last November 2005 was an extreme pleasure. This June 2006 it was quite an honor to hear Professor Jean Jaubert a protege' of my childhood hero Jacques Cousteau, who inherited his title of Director of the Musée , and also the Science Director of the Cousteau Society, to agree to visit Scripps campus and Birch Aquarium for the historic 1st time that the Directors of the world's first oceanographic institutes ironically both founded at the turn of the 20th Century will gather. Professor Jaubert made many journeys on the famous Calypso which educated my generation of Americans that "we all need to take inherent responsibility to preserve our oceans." Cousteau graphically warned us "that unless we take serious our inherent responsibility to preserve our oceans, there will develop waves of decaying organic matter that will have a stench so profound, it will drive us from the sea's! into the deserts and the mountains."

Essentially describing the beginning of the end....unless we act. The La Jolla Town Council home of world famous Scripps Institution of Oceanography is very proud to establish our science and cultural exchange in conveying with the President of Monaco's Parliament Stephen Valeri, Scripps Director Charlie Kennel, motto, that the committee had adopted......"dedication "to clean water, salt or fresh."

pictured here - La Jolla-Monaco Exchange Committee Spokesperson Dianne York-Goldman, of the La Jolla Town Council, visiting exchange Professor and "honored guest" of this year's "30th Annual Monte Carlo Night" at the Museum of Contemporary Art La Jolla is Monaco's Professor Jean Jaubert, Director of the Musée Oceanographique de Monaco, and Captain Ed Sullivan, Chairman, La Jolla-Monaco Science & Cultural Exchange Committee, partaking in the wine tasting after the premiere of the "La Jolla Welcome's Monaco" film shown in Prince Albert 1st Hall at the Musée on June 22nd, 2006.

pictured here - Anne Cleveland and Kathryn Murphy.

pictured here - Jackie 'O' and Ari Onassis aka The Social Diary's 'Lady D and Dr. G" (Dianne and Mitch Goldman) at the Monaco Rendezvous 2006 Costume Dinner Dance at the Fairmont, Monte Carlo Terrace.

pictured here - On the way to Monaco, there was a stop for some in Brussels where this magnificent eating gallery is pictured and the famous statue pictured second.


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* Margo Schwab has produced, written, interviewed and photographed for various media organizations since 1989. Schwab has a college degree from Scripps College and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of San Diego. Schwab volunteers for numerous charity organizations. She also continues to lobby for water safety and for family violence mitigation. Schwab is the owner and publisher of the Social Diary.

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